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Why every Arsenal fan should watch “Arsene Wenger – Invincible”

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I got Goosebumps watching ‘Arsene Wenger – Invincible’ movie.

As someone who has long written that our next generation of Gooners are being wrongly educated, it would be wrong not to implore all readers to watch this documentary released next month.

Too much negatively has been written about Arsene Wenger in the last few years. Not just in sport but in society negatively sells.

Some won’t be comfortable watching a film dedicated to celebrating the Frenchman. They would rather Amazon chronicle a season of regression.

This is Gabriel Clarke’s latest masterpiece after the critically acclaimed bios on Bobby Robson and Jack Charlton.

Here are a few who need to watch the trailer ……

Younger Gooners who are being wrongly educated and need to see for themselves how good Arsene Wenger really was.

Those who wrote Arteta was tactically better than Mr Wenger, Auba better then Henry or a Maitland Niles is better than Kante.

Watch this movie to learn what world class looks like…

Anyone who has ever challenged me when I call Mr Wenger the greatest ever manager in our history. I could just point out that’s a factual statement – and facts are facts?

Yet, I’m sure the makers will document where the club were before Mr Wenger arrived in England and where they are now that he works elsewhere. You might see comparisons.

Fans who think 6th would be a good season, drawing at Brighton is a decent result, and being 11th is being on the right path.

All recent comments I have read.

Watch this film to see what a successful Arsenal looks like.

The likes of Talk Sport, who to this day try and play down the feat of not losing a single League fixture all season! Of course, they only downplay it when it can’t be replicated.

Remember two years ago when the media had decided Liverpool were going to match the class of 2004 and were being compared to the Invincibles. When that ended in February suddenly going unbeaten didn’t matter.

Of course, if it wasn’t an achievement why has no one else come close to doing it

AFTV or any other Youtuber who built their views on verbally abusing the greatest manager in our history. Having been so confident that the grass would be greener without Mr Wenger they haven’t had the gumption three years later to say they were wrong, even though it’s been proven by every notable measurement we have gone backwards since the Frenchman left.

This is either fear of losing subscribers by admitting they were wrong, or these people take themselves so seriously that they think to acknowledge they were not correct would hurt their credibility.

Let’s get live footage of these people having to watch the whole feature then ask ‘how have things improved?’

Current fans and players to learn the proud standards Mr Wenger had built. Standards the manger warned we were in danger of jeopardising even before he left. Dietary and training methods, how he stood up to the press, etc, he imprinted his values throughout the club and would not compromise on his ethos ever.

Even the likes of me who grew up with Mr Wenger as manager.

Intentionally, (due to a good relationship with the press) the Frenchman’s personal life was mostly kept private.

The trailer hints that this will be the first time he dedicates some time talking about his childhood and family with a camera running.

Anyone who wants to see Mr Wenger have his say.

Let’s be honest he’s too classy for this.

Think how he handled his farewell at Emirates.

This is a smart man, intelligent enough to know that the longer time goes, the more it paints him in a positive light.

Why point out just how hard it was to work with owners with zero ambition, when reality does that for you?

Saying that – he’s still a human being.

Anyone would see the irony that the club have regressed.

He’s a better person then me!

Anyone who doesn’t think we have gone backwards. I don’t know if some Gooners are in denial, or they don’t want to admit how wrong they were, there generally is a section of our fan base who will not admit we have gone backwards.

You would think our worst League position in quarter of a century would do the trick but apparently not!

Anyone seeking a great life lesson!

a) Be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it. B) appreciate what you have today, because it might not be here tomorrow. C) nothing lasts forever. D) grass isn’t always greener.

“Arsene Wenger – Invincible” will be released 11th November for Cinema and releases 22nd November for DVD, Blue Ray and Digital Download.

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