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When will 'Canelo' Angulo and 'Checo' Flores be back?

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There is no doubt that two of Chivas' most important players in the previous tournament were Jesús Angulo and Sergio Flores, who accumulated a lot of playing time and above all helped strengthen Ricardo Cadena's system, so their absences have been felt.

What happened to them and when will they be able to play again? Well, it's time for you to know the current affairs of this pair of red and white players.

Jesús Angulo:

  1. After the injury suffered in the Clausura 2022 Playoffs, the 'Canelo' is now into his 12th week of recovery, this part of the rehabilitation process will be his on field rehabilitation.
  2. He will start working with his teammates next week.

Sergio Flores:

  1. 'Checo' underwent surgery after some knee problems, so last week he began his competitive readaptation process.
  2. As of Monday, Flores has been working with the team.
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