🇪🇺 What to look out for on Day One of the Euros

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Alex Mott

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This is it then. After a year-long wait, the European Championships are finally here. Here’s what to look out for on Day One…

Well, I’m free today, what can I not afford to miss?

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The opening ceremony of any tournament usually provides a few talking points with the entertainment this time being provided by U2 and Martin Garrix.

And what if I’m allergic to bad dancing and musicians miming?

Well then you can always stick around for today’s sole game as Roberto Mancini’s Italy take on Turkey in what promises to be a fascinating encounter.

Have you got a player to watch?

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This is a new, youthful Italy and the one player who could totally explode this summer is 23-year-old Federico Chiesa.

Do you have an interesting stats I can impress my friends with?

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Italy and Turkey have only ever met once before  — the opening day of Euro 2000. On that occasion, goals from Antonio Conte and Pippo Inzaghi saw the Azzurri claim a 2-1 win.

That’s a lot to take in. What else is going on if I need a break?

We know it’s been a long, relentless slog of a season, so if you have to avoid today’s game, give a listen to Low Island’s excellent debut EP ‘If You Could Have It All Again’ instead.