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·1 June 2022

What languages can Lionel Messi speak? Does he speak English?

Article image:What languages can Lionel Messi speak? Does he speak English?

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer who plays for Paris Saint Germain. He is a forward who also captains his national football team Argentina. Often considered to be the greatest ever player to play the beautiful game, his success is something to be looked upon by everyone. Not only is he successful on the pitch but he is leading a beautiful life with his wife Antonella and three children. The superstar recently switched to the French league after spending a vast amount of time in Barcelona, so there will be an issue of language. He fluently speaks Spanish and Catalan, but let’s find out how many other languages the forward can speak.

Lionel Messi speaks Spanish and Catalan:

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Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina. Naturally, his mother tongue was Spanish, as the whole of Argentina along with some other South American countries speaks Spanish. Till 13 years old he lived in Argentina, and then his family arranged a session with FC Barcelona in Spain. And the rest was history.

It was quite convenient for the Argentines as well to move to a country where the language was not an issue. He spent over 20 years at Barcelona and it was home for the superstar. So, he didn’t have to learn any other language. His Catalan also got brushed up real well as the city of Barcelona is a Catalan-speaking land.

Does Messi speak English?

There were a lot of public appearances of Lionel Messi where he didn’t seem to be comfortable with Engish. Most of his Balon d’Or press conferences and answers are all in Spanish. He even explained in one of his interviews why he doesn’t speak English.

His counterpart, Cristiano Ronaldo speaks fluent English and there were some instances where he helped Messi to understand the questions. Even his wife Antonella also helps him sometimes with the English part as she can speak and understand. So, overall, it is safe to say Messi cannot speak English.

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