What does the treatment of Ozil say about Arsenal’s famous values?

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Is This The Worst Arsenal Have Treated A Player? By Dan Smith

Left out of both of our European and Premiership squads at least till January, it would appear that Mesut Ozil has played his last game as a Gunner. Back in March, when he assisted the winner against West Ham, little did he know he’d never kick a ball in the famous red and white shirt again.

The saga between the player and his employers has divided opinion for months and I think readers know my stance by now.

When I heard the news, I wasn’t surprised but disappointed. I have been very disappointed in how Arsenal have handled this situation for the last couple of years, ever since they regretted offering the midfielder 350,000 pounds a week.

Instead of just learning from that mistake they tried every under-hand tactic to force the German out. Banning him from Wembley to celebrate the Cup win, leaking out his refusal to take a salary cut, not supporting his support for Muslims, etc. The idea seems to be ‘let’s make this man miserable so Stan Kroenke saves some money’.

This is being done by the business that claims Arsenal are a ‘family’. For years we prided ourselves on the Arsenal way, we were the side known for acting with class.

That dates back to Herbert Chapman, out of his own pocket paying for the Halls at Highbury to be painted marble because he wanted every team who entered to know this was a club who had standards.

Maybe older gooners can help me, but I can’t remember us treating one of own this badly, someone who helped win 4 out of our 14 FA Cups. I’m not talking about results, in my lifetime following the Gunners this is the most classless I have seen us behave. This is what I expect off a Chelsea, not the Arsenal.

I look through the squad submitted, and I fail to believe that Ozil for footballing reasons doesn’t make the list. Especially when we have so little creativity.

I said this for months, if we had a better options for making chances during a game, the likes of me couldn’t say anything. Yet how can we as fans moan about a lack of creativity but then in the next sentence say a World Cup winner has been omitted, but Kolasinac and Elneny make the cut?

Let’s say it’s 1-1 this Sunday with 10 minutes to go, name me a midfielder you trust to bring on and pick a killer pass? If there isn’t one, I can’t defend Arteta on this.

He’s either a yes man, or his judgement is we have a more creative midfielder then Ozil? So if I now don’t see creativity, I will have to question his judgement.

The next time a player doesn’t want to extend his contract Arsenal can’t preach loyalty, not anymore.

Some hate Van Persie for refusing an extension when picking Man United over us. Ozil did the opposite and look at his thanks.

Arsene Wenger warned before he left, we were in danger of losing our values. This never would have happened under his management.

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Dan Smith