West Ham boss David Moyes: Europe would be incredibly big

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West Ham boss David Moyes says qualifying for Europe would be a huge achievement.

The Hammers know victory on Monday against Wolves would take them back into the division's top four, and although Moyes remains reluctant to set targets for the remainder of the campaign, he knows the carrot of finishing in the top six is a huge carrot for the east Londoners.

"It would be an incredibly big and positive step for a club who were near a relegation situation last year," he explained.

"For me, for us to even be talked about it is a big achievement. I hope we can hang in there, we're still hanging to the coat-tails of one or two above us and I'm going to do everything I can.

"I would be absolutely thrilled to bring European football here, because probably the goals at the start of the season were to make sure we weren't in a similar situation to last year – to keep doing better and improve and we've certainly done that."