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Watford boss Hodgson on Leicester thrashing: I know the players are upset with their mistakes

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Watford boss Roy Hodgson was left disappointed with their thrashing by Leicester City on Sunday.

The relegated Hornets collapsed 1-5 at home to Leicester.

Hodgson said: "I didn't see it coming at half-time. We were disappointed with the two goals we conceded in the first half. They were individual errors. I thought we'd done enough in the first half and showed enough threat.

"That goal within seconds of the restart put Leicester in a really good position. Bad mistakes led to the goals. When you analyse the goals we conceded, there isn't a lot good you could say. Crass individual errors and we find ourselves on the end of a very bad defeat. It's disappointing considering how the same team performed against Everton. It was tough for everyone, not least our fans. We gave them a shred of hope we could build on that and give them something more to cheer.

"The mistakes today were particularly bad. I know our players are gutted about those mistakes.

"The players are really doing their best. It's fine for the fans to accuse them of not doing their best but it's not true. They've been trying very hard.

“We went three at the back and two up front at half-time in the hope it might put more pressure on but when they scored after a few seconds it was put to rest. We were architects of own downfall. It's a great pity. We would have loved to give our fans a better game. That's not the case so here I am in this situation to apologise.

“The supporters want to see their team win and we patently haven't done it. We've had the worst home record in all the leagues. You need your wins at home. The fans are entitled to be frustrated and upset with us and to make their opinions heard. I hope they come back next season in a lower division and they get these guys playing to the level we hope they can play."

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