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Vinnie Jones' ruthless 1994 battle with Roy Keane & Eric Cantona in Wimbledon vs Man Utd

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Vinnie Jones is quite possibly the hardest player in Premier League history.

The infamous Englishman – who’s now a world famous Hollywood actor – made a living out of being football’s most feared competitor.

As a matter of fact, it’s his reputation as a hardman that still pays the bills for Vinnie to this day, with almost all of his acting roles involving him roughing up or someone or another.

However, it was on the muddy, beaten up Premier League pitches of the 1990’s that he carved his name.

As a leading figure in Wimbledon’s much feared ‘crazy gang’, Jones would prove time and time again just how much of a savage he really was, often intentionally harming opponents if it meant gaining an edge.

And one of the finest examples we ever saw of Jones attempting to do precisely that, was when Wimbledon welcomed Manchester United to Selhurst Park in 1994.

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Jones vs Roy Keane & Eric Cantona

If you ever watched Jones in action, you’ll know that he loved nothing more than letting his opponent know he was there early doors.

We saw it in the 1988 FA Cup final when Jones quite literally snapped Liverpool’s Steve McMahon within seconds off kick-off.

Whilst the hardman also holds the record for the Premier League’s quickest ever yellow card after he was booked for a brutal foul that took place just three seconds into a game between Sheffield United and Manchester City.

And in this fixture, well, absolutely nothing was different and Jones set about getting into the 22-year-old Keane from the off.

You can view Jones and Keane going at it below, as well as the Wimbledon man absolutely savaging Man Utd legend Eric Cantona at 1:10 seconds.

It really is box office viewing seeing such iconic Premier League figures do battle.

A person highlight is the audacity of Jones to do a legend like Cantona so dirty with his horrendously late challenge.

Although, it would be fair to say the Frenchman had the last laugh after scoring one of the finest volleys ever scored in response – if you come at the King, you’d better not miss.

Despite Jones’ antics, Man Utd would win 3-0 on the day and progressed past the round of 16 FA Cup tie.

But the game will live long in the memory of football fans nonetheless.

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