Video: Throwback to when Andy Robertson had a go at David Coote

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David Coote, the man in charge of VAR for the Merseyside derby on the weekend, cost Liverpool all three points at Goodison Park.

Jordan Henderson scored a goal in stoppage-time. Liverpool momentarily went 3-2 up. However, Coote overruled the goal.

Coote believed that Sadio Mane was offside in the build-up to the goal. As you can see in the image below, which has been provided by @primevideosport, Mane was not offside.

It is not the first time that Liverpool have had a run in with Coote. When Liverpool faced Burnley at Anfield last season, Coote was the referee out in the middle.

Once the match concluded, Robertson told Coote exactly what he thought in regards to how the match was officiated.

We do apologise for Robertson’s language in the footage below, but we wanted to highlight that Liverpool seem to have a bit of history with the aforementioned referee.

The video below originally aired on BT Sport, but it was uploaded to Twitter by @wallie17.