Video: Roma’s timewasting backfires as an Ajax ball boy LAUNCHES a ball at Calafiori

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The gold standard of player/ballboy interactions will always be Eden Hazard against Swansea City, but there’s a lot to enjoy about this one tonight.

Roma are clearly trying to run the clock down tonight as Calafiori takes his time and ignores a spare ball, so the ball boy decides action is needed and he launches one at the Roma player’s head:

Unfortunately his hands get in the road or this could’ve been spectacular, but you can almost see the dilemma going through the player’s head.

Initially he thinks about going down clutching his face but he would rightfully never live that down, while the ball boy has the confidence of someone who knows the player cant really punch him no matter how much he wants to.

The Roma player ends up taking a booking for his antics, but perhaps overly aggressive ballboys are the best way to combat timewasting.