(Video) Insane: When Lovren got done by the stupid offside rule that helped Manchester City last night

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The English footballing fraternity was baffled last night as Manchester City’s first goal was allowed to stand against Aston Villa.

It was in the 79th minute and our rivals were on track to drop points – but it wasn’t to be after this bizarre decisions that Villa defender Tyrone Mings actually labelled as ‘nonsense’.

Have a look for yourselves if you haven’t seen it yet:

The only other time we can remember this pathetic rule being enforced was during a game between Liverpool and Spurs in 2017/18.

Harry Kane is offside as the pass is played, but because it ricochets off Dejan Lovren, a ‘new phase’ apparently starts – and the Englishman is in a one-on-one position.

The reason this is so stupid is between this moment and the goal last night, assistants have put their flag up in similar situations about 10,000 times. Nobody moans. The player is offside.

Why do they only choose to interpret the rule in such a manner every three years?!

Fast forward to 6:03 in the highlights video below to see the incident. Also, watch out for Kane’s horrible dive as well: