Video: Hector Bellerin’s 4 assists from 7 games this season

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Article image: Video: Hector Bellerin’s 4 assists from 7 games this season

Hector Bellerin provided his fourth assist of the season against Rapid Vienna on Thursday, a promising start to the new campaign.

Bellerin came on in a tricky situation for Arsenal on Thursday night, with the team 1-0 down after the hour mark. They were struggling to create from the right-hand side, but that changed with the introduction of the 25-year-old full-back.

A one-two between Bellerin and Nicolas Pepe won them the free-kick for their equaliser, with David Luiz scoring a header directly from Pepe’s ball in. Then Bellerin ran in behind to receive the ball a few minutes later and set up Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s winner.

Mohamed Elneny rightly got a lot of praise of his through ball in the build-up to the goal, but Bellerin deserves some too for his run. Those kinds of defence-splitting passes only work if there’s someone making well-timed runs to get on the end of them.

After that, it was easy enough to square the ball for Aubameyang and make it 2-1. It was Bellerin’s fourth assist of the season, in just seven competitive matches. He actually got all of them in the last five, so he’s in great form.

Here are all of his assists this season so far, starting with the assist vs Leicester City at 1:58 in the below video:

Assists vs Sheffield United at 1:00 and 1:30:

Assist vs Rapid Vienna at 4:43:

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the summer months when Paris Saint-Germain looked like a realistic exit option. Let’s hope Bellerin can keep this run going back against Leicester City at the weekend.