VCF Foundation and El Corte Inglés inaugurate exhibition remembering 1971 title

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The VCF Foundation El Corte Inglés inaugurated the '50 anys junts' exhibition this Thursday, a tribute to the 1971 LaLiga title triumph that coincided, just a few days later, with the opening of the first El Corte Inglés department store in the Valencia region.

Fifty years on, at that same store, Valencia CF fans will be able to enjoy an exciting journey through photographs and objects from the famous league title win.

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At the opening, Valencia CF president Anil Murthy, stressed the importance of 1971 for the city of Valencia. "It is great that so many people can relive that unforgettable chapter in our history. Valencia CF and El Corte Inglés have a parallel history of success and roots in the city of Valencia, which we celebrate today with the opening of this exhibition," he said.

The event was attended by Juan Sabater, Regional Director of El Corte Inglés, who added that "Valencia CF and El Corte Inglés have always been committed to the development of Valencian society."

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VCF Foundation director, Pablo Mantilla, VCF Footballers Association president, Fernando Giner, and club ambassadors Ricardo Arias, Miguel Tendillo and Miguel Ángel Bossio were also present.

The exhibition, located on the sixth floor of the El Corte Inglés store on Pintor Sorolla, displays photographs from the collections of Pepe Vaello and Bernat Navarro, a commemorative video, and the league trophy.

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