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VCF Academy 11-a side coaching staffs for 22-23 season

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The Valencia CF Academy has established the coaching staffs for the seven 11-a-side football teams for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Miguel Ángel Angulo will be Valencia CF Mestalla’s coach for second season running. Paco Cuenca will be in charge of the VCF Juvenil A División de Honor. In the VCF Juvenil B will be David Pérez, while José Luis Bravo will be in charge of Cadete A Raymond Henric Coll will be in charge of Cadete Fundación. Javier Sanchís will be in the VCF Infantil A dugout, Vicente Amposta will be in charge of Infantil Fundación and Alfredo López in charge of Infantil B.

Valencia CF Mestalla

Coach: Miguel Angel Angulo

Assistant coach: Raúl Pérez Rodríguez

Talent Manager: Javi Sale

Fitness coach: Sergi Benet

Analyst: Guillermo Guerra

Goalkeeping coach: Unai Alba

Delegate: Carlos Arroyo

Juvenil División de Honor A

Coach: Paco Cuenca

Assistant coach: Toni Navarro

Talent Manager: Jorge Manteca

Fitness coach: Ander Pérez

Analyst: David LeMoel

Goalkeeping coach: Andoni Ochotorena

Delegate: Eduardo Llorens

Juvenil B

Coach: David Perez

Assistant coach: Fernando Martin

Fitness coach: Nicolás Almiñana

Analyst: Carlos Pérez Aleixandre

Goalkeeping coach: Aitor Bas

Delegate: Jose Luis Marti

Cadete A

Coach: Jose Luis Bravo

Assistant coach: Vicente Castro

Fitness coach: Enrique Requena

Delegate: Victor Jimenez

Cadete Fundación

Coach: Raymond Henric Coll

Assistant coach: Javier Hurtado

Fitness coach: Juan Chapel

Delegate: Alfredo Lopez

Infantil A

Coach: Javier Sanchis

Assistant coach: Pablo Seral

Fitness coach: Rafa Maicas

Delegate: Francisco Bou

Infantil Foundación

Coach: Vicente Amposta

Assistant coach: Miguel Gandía

Fitness coach: Carles Romero

Delegate: Dani Lopez

Infantil B

Coach: Alfredo Lopez

Assistant coach: Víctor Felipe

Fitness coach: Carlos Sanchís

Delegate: Roberto Lopez

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