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Lewis Ambrose·29 September 2023

Using EA FC 24 to build the perfect player 🎮 ⭐️

Article image:Using EA FC 24 to build the perfect player 🎮 ⭐️

With the release of EA Sports FC 24 and the game’s new PlayStyles making players more true to real life than ever, we thought it would be fun to build the world’s most perfect footballer.

With help from Opta data and more, the new game features PlayStyles to highlight players’ signature abilities and make them stand out on the pitch more than ever.

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Using the game’s ratings and player PlayStyles, here are our Ultimate Players for the men’s and women’s games …


Article image:Using EA FC 24 to build the perfect player 🎮 ⭐️

Kylian Mbappé 97 (Quick Step, Rapid)

Trinity Rodman 94 (Quick Step, Rapid)

Both players have incredible pace and two PlayStyles — Quick Step and Rapid — that will make them faster than ever. The former aids acceleration while the latter helps players reach even higher speeds while dribbling.


Robert Lewandowski 91 (Finesse Shot, Chip shot, Power Shot)

Ada Hegerberg 89 (Finesse Shot)

Lewandowski may trail Kane in shooting (93) but the PlayStyles see the Pole excel beyond just his regular ability, with his arsenal of shooting techniques incredibly well-wounded. Likewise, one-time Ballon d’Or winner Hegerberg has the ability to get away finesse shots with increased curve and accuracy.


Kevin De Bruyne 94 (Incisive Pass, Pinged Pass, Long Ball Pass, Whipped Pass)

Alexia Putellas 91 (Incisive Pass, Pinged Pass, Tiki Taka)

Name any type of pass, these two can do it. De Bruyne also excels with dead ball situations, crossing (Whipped Pass) and finding team-mates over longer distances, while Putellas’ Tiki Taka PlayStyle further increases the speed and accuracy of balls played along the ground, even when struck first time.


Lionel Messi 94 (Technical)

Aitana Bonmatí 91 (Technical, First Touch)

Lionel Messi and Aitana Bonmatí both have the Techincal PlayStyle+ signature ability. For anyone who’s watched the La Masia-educated pair in real life, it should come as no surprise to see the in-game versions of them now able to reacher higher speeds while sprinting and turn more precisely. Simply world class.


Article image:Using EA FC 24 to build the perfect player 🎮 ⭐️

Virgil van Dijk 89 (Aerial, Jockey, Block, Anticipate, Bruiser)

Wendie Renard 91 (Anticipate, Jockey, Aerial)

Van Dijk and Renard are both dominant in the air, have a better chance of winning standing tackles and stopping the ball dead thanks to their Anticipate PlayStyles, and are quicker when jockeying an opponent thanks to the Jockey PlayStyle. Van Dijk also boasts the Block and Bruiser PlayStyles, giving him greater reach and success rate when strikers fire at goal and he tries to intervene and offering him more strength in tackles.

And for an added bonus, the Power Header PlayStyle makes Renard a huge threat in the opposition penalty area.


Erling Haaland 88 (Acrobatic)

Alexandra Popp 88 (Power Header, Bruiser, Acrobatic)

The Acrobatic PlayStyle gives both Haaland and Popp the ability to pull off volleys with greater accuracy and provides access to volley animations not available to other players. We’ve all seen those iconic Haaland goals. Popp also boasts the Bruiser attribute, making her formidable in tackles, and Power Header, meaning she hardly ever misses when the ball is in the air and there to be won.


Article image:Using EA FC 24 to build the perfect player 🎮 ⭐️

Mbappé (97 Pace), Lewandowski (91 Shooting), De Bruyne (94 Passing), Messi (94 Dribbling), Van Dijk (89 Defending), Haaland (88 Physicality)

Article image:Using EA FC 24 to build the perfect player 🎮 ⭐️

Rodman (94 Pace), Hegerberg (89 Shooting), Putellas (91 Passing), Bonmati (91 Dribbling), Renard (91 Defending), Popp (88 Physicality)