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Villarreal hosted Atalanta at the Estadio de la Cerámica on Matchday 1 of the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League group stage. The visitors took the lead early on through Freuler, before the Europa League 20-21 winner equalized through Trigueros before the end of the first half. Substitute Arnaut Danjuma put the home team ahead before Robin Gosens equalized to make it 2-2. It was an interesting start to Group F with a draw between these two teams and Young Boys beating Manchester United.

We’ve broken down all the key stats for you to digest, including;

* shot maps

* xT (expected threat)

* pass networks

* xG timelines

* defensive duels

* average positions and much more!

We also try to answer some questions for you with the visuals;

Which Atalanta player attempted the most number of shots? Which Villarreal player had the highest XG rate?

To navigate the stats gallery simply click on the numbers to move through the pages.

At the end of the gallery, you’ll be able to download the full PDF stats report.

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UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaUnai Emery set up Villarreal in a 4-4-2 formation. Gerard Moreno and Boulaye Dia started as the two strikers upfront. The midfield four had Daniel Parejo and Etienne Capoue as central midfielders, Manuel Trigueros as the left midfielder and Yeremi Pina as the right midfielder. The back four consisted of Juan Foyth at right-back, Raul Albiol and Pau Torres as the centre backs and Alfonso Pedraza as the left-back. Geronimo Rulli started between the sticks for the current Europa League champions.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaThe average positions of Villarreal players show that they kept their shape throughout the game. The attackers stayed ahead and had full support from the midfield. Substitute goal scorer Danjuma had a much more advanced attacking position after coming on from the bench.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaGian Piero Gasperini set up Atalanta in a 3-4-1-2 formation, shifting to a 5-3-2 in the defensive phase. Juan Musso started in goal behind the three centre backs Berat Djimsti, Luis Palomino and Rafael Toloi. Robin Gosens and Davide Zappacosta played as wing-backs, with Remo Freuler and Martin De Roon in the holding midfield roles behind Matteo Pessina in attacking midfield. Duvan Zapata and Malinovsky started as the two strikers upfront.

Article image: https://image-service.onefootball.com/resize?fit=max&h=635&image=https%3A%2F%2Fserieaanalysis.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F09%2FPost-Match-Report_page-0005-scaled.jpg&q=25&w=1080

The average positions of Atalanta players show that they were attacking throughout the game. Their wing-backs were more involved in attacks and the strikers were in much more advanced positions.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaBoth teams were looking to attack in the game. The home team had 14 shots on goal with eight on target. They had an xG of 2.28. The visitors on the other hand took 13 shots with four on target and an xG of 1.21. Both Atalanta and Villarreal got two goals in the game, and both teams had an equal amount of possession.ighest UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaGerard Moreno had the highest xG in the match with 1.10. Robin Gosens had the highest xG among Atalanta players. Moreno had the most shots with six in the game, followed by Zappacosta’s four and Gosens’ three. Juan Foyth had the most final third passes in the game for Villarreal.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaVillarreal took a total of 14 shots in the match. they took a couple of shots from distance, but most were from inside the box. They had eight shots on target and were able to score two goals from inside the box.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaAtalanta took a total of 12 shots in the match, but most of their shots were from outside the box or from the edge of the box. They scored from one shot from inside the box and one from the edge of the box.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaThe xT timeline shows that Atalanta posed more threat in the beginning of the match and towards the end of the match. During the other moments, Villarreal had more xT. The xG timeline shows that Villarreal had a rapidly increasing xG throughout the match compared to that of Atalanta.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs Atalanta The home team had a good game and completed a lot of passes. Daniel Parejo received the maximum number of passes with 42. Others with many passes include Pedraza (30), Gerard Moreno (32) and Pau Torres(31).UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaAtalanta also had a lot of passes in the match with 51% possession. Freuler and Gosens had the highest number of passes with 47 and 42. Others include Zappacosta’s 34 and Rafael Toloi’s 35.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaVillarreal’s pass zones show that they made a majority of their passes in the midfield area. Gerard Moreno had the most passes into the opposition box. Atalanta put in a few crosses and had a few smart passes as well.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaThe passing zones of Atalanta show that they had many passes all over the field, with a lot of passes on the two wings. They put in a lot of crosses, with multiple players putting in passes into the box.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs Atalanta

The xT creation zones of Villarreal show that they created a lot of threat from the two wings, but not enough from close to the front of the box. Daniel Parejo had the highest xT from passing.UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaOther than Parejo, Gerard Moreno and Danjuma, both goal scorers, also had a decent xT from passing. Substitute Danjuma also had a high xT from dribbles.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaThe xT creation zones of Atalanta show that they created a lot of threat from all around the opposition box and goal. Malinovsky had the highest xT from passing.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaOther than Malinovsky, Freuler and substitute Illicic had a good xT from passing. Matteo Pessina had the highest xT from dribbling.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaThe above viz shows that Villarreal were impressive when it came to the defensive duels. Juan Foyth won the most defensive duels for Villarreal with five followed by Raul Albiol’s four.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaThere were very few aerial duels to be contested in the match. Raul Albiol won all four of his aerial duels in defence, while Gerard Moreno won three in attack.

UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaVillarreal were impressive in making loose ball recoveries all over the field. Moreno made four recoveries upfront, while Juan Foyth made three in defence. UCL Stats Gallery: Villareal vs AtalantaAtalanta were also good enough in winning their defensive duels. Jose Palomino won seven out of the many defensive duels he contested. Rafael Toloi also won six defensive duels.

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Atalanta faced a few aerial duels in defence and were able to win many of them. Duvan Zapata and Robin Gosens both won three duels each.

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The Atalanta players were also fine in terms of making loose ball recoveries. Pessina made four loose ball recoveries followed by Freuler, De Roon and Toloi with three.

It was a great entertaining match for the start of the UEFA Champions League as both teams shared a point. Daniel Parejo was Villarreal’s best passer of the match, while Gerard Moreno had the highest xG. Zappacosta and Gosens both had multiple shots and good xG for Atalanta.

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