📣 Tuchel on Kanté form, Real Madrid test and his Holy Grail

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Alex Mott

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has been speaking to the media ahead of their Champions League semi-final second leg with Real Madrid.

Here are some of the best quotes.

Chelsea 2
Real Madrid 0
Full time

On belief from the first leg

“We feel it, they did it during the first leg. We felt we can be stronger, no we have rested players, three days rest, the challenge is to keep the intensity going through the whole match.

“It is a semi final, the pressure is on, a knockout game, so to arrive with a level of belief and confidence is necessary, or we will have no chance.”

On Real Madrid

“I am not sure if they will play 5-3-2 again, maybe they will go 4-3-3. From this decision, things change. I believe that it is not about formation, what Real Madrid play, it is about how we play. Are we brave enough? Are we courageous enough?”

On Werner being more clinical

“I believe that Timo absolutely wants to score more, we all have to accept sometimes strikers miss chances. This is part of the game. We have another training session today, it is always about the last impression from the players.

“Everybody needs to step up to take responsibility for scoring. This will come maybe with more time, self confidence. I am pretty relaxed about it and trust my players, no matter who starts tomorrow.”

On Kanté and his potential level

“Where to? He is the guy you need to win trophies, that is why we are so, so happy he is here. I was dreaming, fighting for this player at any club I have coached. Now he is my player. He is unbelievable. He is key, he will be key tomorrow.

“He is quiet, he likes to have his own quality time. He’s not loud but I see him smile a lot, interact with anybody, but on his own terms. I am so happy that players like him exist. He is a pleasure to watch. He has the mentality of a real helper.

On CL being the Holy Grail

“I never felt like this competition is our holy grail since I arrived but I felt that this club is about winning. It does something to you, you feel it. We are very competitive, very serious about any game, this is what I like.

“I never felt we had a holy grail to reach the final or winning the CL is the “only” target. I have a strong feeling that every win counts, the club demands it that we win any game, no matter who is on the other side of the pitch.”