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·18 September 2023

Trossard’s Goal at Goodison: The Difference Maker

Article image:Trossard’s Goal at Goodison: The Difference Maker

Arsenal’s Triumph at Goodison Park: A Detailed Analysis

Everton vs Arsenal: A match that promised intensity but settled in a singular moment of brilliance.

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Setting the Scene at Goodison

It was at the hallowed grounds of Goodison Park that a game took place, which, for the better part of 90 minutes, was a chess match with both managers manoeuvring their pieces to attain supremacy. Yet, it was one move – a goal by substitute Leandro Trossard – that separated Arsenal and Everton, ensuring the former’s dominance.

Goodison’s Game Dynamics

Everton, under the tactical command of Sean Dyche, showcased a ‘park the bus’ approach. A strategy famously known for its defensive resilience. The intent? Ward off the relentless Arsenal. But, in a tale as old as time, quality shone through when Trossard, with a touch of finesse, found the back of the net.

Post this match, the Gunners find themselves shoulder to shoulder with the giants – Tottenham and Liverpool, in a gripping chase behind Manchester City. Everton, unfortunately, find themselves sinking – now within the clutches of the bottom three.

Arsenal’s Dominance: From Kick-off to Full-time

First Half Drama: Arsenal’s dominion was evident right from the beginning. The sheer skill of Fabio Vieira in finding Gabriel Martinelli who found the net was artistry in motion. But, the VAR gods had different plans. A minor offside call against Eddie Nketiah stripped them of the lead. A heartbreak, and then an injury – Martinelli’s day was laden with misfortune.

Despite holding a jaw-dropping 78% possession, the Gunners were thwarted by an unyielding Everton defence, a wall of blue they couldn’t surmount post the Martinelli incident.

Second Half Surge: The Arsenal we saw post-interval was rejuvenated. With a vigour evident in their play, they sliced through Everton’s defence time and again. The moment of breakthrough? 68 minutes in. A mesmerising passing sequence found Bukayo Saka feeding Trossard who did the rest.

Player Ratings: Deciphering Every Performance

Everton’s Side:

  • Jordan Pickford (6/10): Despite the goal, Pickford showcased his worth with commendable saves.
  • Defence (Avg 6/10): While Ashley Young grappled with Martinelli’s agility, the likes of Tarkowski and Branthwaite held firm.
  • Midfield and Attack (Avg 4.4/10): The likes of McNeil, Gueye, Onana, and Doucoure struggled against Arsenal’s dynamism, often finding themselves at a tactical disadvantage.
  • Beto (5/10): An isolated figure up top, the service to him was scarce.

Arsenal’s Side:

  1. David Raya (5/10): A quiet day for the goalkeeper.
  2. Defence (Avg 5.5/10): With Everton on the back foot, the likes of White, Saliba, and Gabriel had little to contest.
  3. Midfield and Forward (Avg 6/10): Saka was the standout performer, with Odegaard and Rice consistently influencing the game. A bittersweet game for Martinelli.

Managers’ Tactics: The Brains Behind the Moves

Sean Dyche (3/10): His team’s resistance was admirable, but did it come at the cost of ambition?

Mikel Arteta (6/10): A tale of two halves. Initial stagnation but eventual triumph. His decision with Vieira over Havertz was tactically sound.

Concluding Thoughts

Games like these etch memories. For Arsenal, it was a testament to their resilience, for Everton, perhaps a chance to introspect. As the league moves forward, both teams have lessons to carry forth, tactics to amend, and strategies to perfect.

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