Tottenham defender Eric Dier: Fans relationship about give and take

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Tottenham defender Eric Dier feels they showed the right attitude for victory over Aston Villa.

The result was the right to bounce back from defeat to Arsenal.

Dier told the club's website: "I'm a strong believer in that there are fundamentals that should always be there. Mistakes happen, you win or lose, that happens in sport, but the fundamentals have to be there and we're a team where generally they are, we just need to find them on a more consistent basis.

"They were definitely there against Villa, you could feel it from the energy in the stadium. We need to build a base for ourselves from home where there is that connection between the players and fans.

"It's give and take. We need to give and there are times where they'll need us to lift them, and times where we'll need them to lift us. It was great to get back on track."

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