Torino president Cairo blasts Juventus and Inter Milan: €1.7-1.8bn was due to come in

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Torino president Urbano Cairo has hit out at Juventus rival Andrea Agnelli over the Super League project.

The breakaway appears off after the withdrawal of the six English clubs.

“The Super League is an attack on the collective interest of Italian football," said Cairo.

“Three clubs, Juve, Inter and Milan, thought exclusively about their economic health, their interests. They were not remotely concerned with the needs and concerns of other clubs.

“These are clubs that regularly pay their wages, who work hard and plan their activities with a good conscience. I do not think these 12 clubs, who may well have been destined to become 15, are financially virtuous. Quite the opposite.

“The project that planned to bring funds and a media company into the Lega Serie A was based on €1.7-1.8 billion, money that would've gone to everyone.

“Agnelli was part of the internal committee that was negotiating with the funds, and therefore had a very important role in the talks.

“The committee of five, which was created on October 13 2020, had been delegated to control the talks by all the other clubs.

“Suddenly, a change of scene, despite the vote from the assembly that supported the funds: Agnelli and the Inter owners suddenly distance themselves from the idea of the funds. Now we know why.

“We now come to discover that there were these negotiations between 12 European clubs, all of them heavily in debt, with secret meetings between Agnelli and Florentino Perez.

“This is unfair competition, this is lying, this is bad faith. You are delegated by the Serie A clubs to negotiate on their behalf and meanwhile are negotiating on another front to work out your own financial problems by damaging the clubs who gave you the mandate?"