‘To be frank’: Andrea Agnelli on how Liverpool decision affects Super League

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Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli has revealed that the Super League will not be able to proceed further after a number of clubs decided to withdraw from the competition.

On Sunday, Liverpool announced that they had joined the Super League as one of the 12 founding members, alongside Tottenham, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Inter, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Juventus.

However, following mass backlash from fans and pundits, all six of the Premier League sides involved have decided to withdraw from the Super League.

Speaking to Reuters, Agnelli responded to a question about whether or not the Super League can still go ahead following this news. “To be frank and honest no, evidently that is not the case.”

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The Super League idea lasted… less than a week. Did the clubs involved not expect to receive such a negative response to their plans? All six Premier League teams pulled out of the Super League within 48 hours of their official statements going out announcing that they were set to join it. The scenes outside of Stamford Bridge on Tuesday were both brilliant and terrible.

Fans of Chelsea, and presumably other clubs, marched outside of the statement in protest of the Super League plans ahead of their Premier League clash with Brighton. It showed unity and togetherness and a will to fight against what they perceive to be an injustice in football, but it also showed that the owners of the 12 clubs involved either did not have a clue how the fans of their clubs felt or – even worse – they just did not care at all.

Hopefully, they will learn from this and not make similar mistakes going forward. It could also open the door for fans to have more of a say in club decisions, as the owners may decide that this debacle proves they need to listen to what the supporters think about important topics.