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This is what ‘Wacho’ Jiménez said before Clásico Tapatío.

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Week of Clásico Tapatío. Vital week for Guadalajara in various aspects, especially due to the great opportunity that a scenario like this represents in order to cut the bad pace in AP22. Miguel Jiménez believes in a win so the team can pick up.

What ‘Wacho’ said:“We haven’t met the expectations, Chivas must always be amongst the top 4.”

“It hurts to in this situation, nobody likes it.”

“We are in debt, we haven’t had the desired start and I’m not going to rely on excuses so we’ve got to keep working. We have been near the wins but they have not been concreted.”

“We have marked objectives and we haven’t attained them.”

“We are united and conscious of the situation, we want to perform the best way possible on Saturday to revert the bad moment.”

“It is an important match, we haven’t won yet and this Clásico presents itself. It is a nice opportunity without a doubt to get back to the winning road.”

“Mis teammates rip their soul every day, early or late this win should arrive.”

“I personally feel well, but that is not enough if the team is not going through a good moment.”

“Football brings situations that are not in our control, the only way out is to keep working hard to get out of the bad place we’re at.”

Chivas must have 11 leaders inside the pitch, not only 1.”

“We haven’t won a match since getting knocked out by Atlas, which is why this is an unbeatable opportunity for getting back to the winning path.”

“Winning a match does not save a season, we seek to improve and be in the top spots.”

“We want the revenge of winning a home match, on Saturday we have that opportunity.”

“This shield has its weight, when other teams face Chivas they come and give it all and this match will not be the exception.”

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