Thiago Silva explains how the situation at Chelsea helped him get fit again

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Thiago Silva has still arguably been one of Chelsea’s best signings of the summer, with a strong case for Edouard Mendy as well.

But the fact that Silva did not cost a penny, surely puts him out there on top right now.

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He has injected calmness, experience, and leadership to Chelsea’s backline that needed a lot of stabilising.

The Brazilian international was a huge miss for Chelsea in recent weeks as he nursed an injury, just his presence on the pitch is enough to help Chelsea win games.

The 36-year old is loving his time at this club and he says that part of the reason he was so eager to get back on his feet so quick after the injury again, was due to the positivity at the club and how happy he is here right now.

This will be music to the ears of Chelsea fans, who already adore Silva as a cult hero at the club.

“Nobody likes getting an injury and I was out for a few games ] but the atmosphere in the club, all the positive things going on, the happiness I feel for being at this club, all of that has helped me to get back on my feet quicker,” he explained to the Chelsea website.

“I’ve never felt as happy while injured. That may sound a bit weird but it’s part and parcel of the game. I’ve got many examples to look up to and keep my chin up. As many times as I fall down, I’ll rise up again. I’m not a quitter.

“People say “you’re 36 and playing well” but nobody sees everything I gave up to reach this point. At 36, many players are ending their careers yet I’m going through one of my best spells. I’m really enjoying this time at one of the biggest clubs in the world and I’m very happy right now.”