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These Are New York Soccer Times

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In New York City, there is more soccer than meets the eye.

More soccer than you might think given the slither of coverage local soccer gets in the local media, and the near non-existent coverage local soccer gets in the city’s biggest and most famous newspaper…

There is soccer in Central Park, soccer in the Bronx, and soccer on islands Randalls, Governors, and Staten.

Soccer on Brookyn’s piers and soccer in Queens. Soccer being played in the famous baseball stadiums and being watched on TV in famous and not-so-famous bars. McCarren Park, Corporal Thompson Park, Bushwick Inlet and Sinatra Park.


This is not necessarily American soccer, it’s global soccer, but it is soccer in America. Soccer in New York. Believe it or not.

With World Cups just around the corner, one for which the United States has qualified and another it will co-host (with East Rutherford confirmed as a host venue) these are certainly New York Soccer Times.

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