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The voices of the U18 Champions | OneFootball

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Club Deportivo Guadalajara

·18 May 2024

The voices of the U18 Champions

Article image:The voices of the U18 Champions

In the midst of the euphoria of the enormous achievement of Chivas U18 by being crowned champion of the Clausura 2024, where they had an enviable tournament by being super leaders of the competition and also winning the title of the circuit, some of the protagonists of this important achievement shared their feelings with the microphones of Chivas TV.

Amaury Vergara, President Chivas

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"I feel very proud. Not only did they win it, but they did it with at a superb level, in a great final. I'm very excited because seeing these Cantera Rojiblanca teams succeed makes you hope for the future".

"When you see them on the field and think about everything that is going to happen in their careers, how important they will become. We are a team that believes in Mexicans, here is the future of the First Team. When you see them win with that attitude, you know what they are like and the determination they have, it makes you hopeful for the future of Chivas. These are going to be the players who are going to give us joy tomorrow."

"We are the biggest team in Mexico. We trust in the Mexicans, we form the talent of the future of Chivas and the National Team. We are the only ones that will not take our finger off the ball in this regard, every time we win a training category, we send the message that we are going to continue investing and putting all our energy into training quality human beings".

Ariel Castro, Chivas U18 player

"I am very happy, the group worked hard during the tournament and it was reflected with the first place. A lot of merit goes to Professor Sergio Pinto, he has adapted very well and in his second tournament he managed to become champion".

"It is a very close-knit group, the relationship between everyone is very good. I love to contribute and get to know my teammates.

Sergio Pinto, Chivas U18 Technical Director

"It is inexplicable. Last year we didn't do so well, but this year the work of the boys was incredible, they worked hard every day. I am with a fusion of very big emotions".

"The Mexican soccer player, especially from Chivas, has a very great individual quality. The Chivas player has a differential talent, they understand things very quickly, it's very easy to enjoy".

"It's a joint work from me and the coaching staff. We invested a lot of time in videos, in training. It was not easy but with the soul, the heart and the work we have, it was easier to reach this championship."

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