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The two types of Arsenal supporters – Which one are you?

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Arsenal’s fall from grace (or perceived fall from grace) in the last two decades has had a marked impact on the fan base. This has led to a division as fans find themselves on opposition sides which can be classed as follows:


These are those fans who despite genuinely loving the club have come to the REALisation that it it not our divine right to win every game, trophy or be in the top four. They understand with the club management on the challenges it faces and are being very optimistic to see the club’s process come through. These understand that the management are made up of human beings who will make mistakes and give room for them to learn. They accept that there are things going on behind the scenes which fans may not be aware of, and therefore have employed patience as a tool with which to beat the management and players.


These show their love for the club by emphasizing that they love the success of the club above any individual in and around the club. They demand that the club return to it’s previous heights as title challengers or winners, and believe that the monies spent over the last few years should have been enough to compete.

They look to the demanding nature of fans of some of the biggest clubs in world football and have adopted that same approach in order to push the club towards success. They believe that since the club is a multi billion dollar global brand, the margins for errors should be minimal, and players and management should be up to the task of challenging for honours, or at least be no more than a touching distance away from that level. They scrutinize every player bought or sold and compare it to how other clubs of similar stature have succeeded.

Which is your part?


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