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·8 June 2023

The Two Faces of Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy

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Unmasking Daniel Levy: The Unimpeachable Biggest Boss of Tottenham Hotspur

“Harry Redknapp was driving home after being sacked as the manager of Tottenham Hotspur. He had been given the news in a long, drawn-out meeting with Daniel Levy, the Spurs chairman, that had gone on until four in the morning.”

In the world of football, the manager’s job is as precarious as it gets. But to understand the complexities of such a role at Tottenham Hotspur, one must delve into the enigma that is Daniel Levy.

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“Harry, let’s keep in touch,” came the message. “I hope we can still be friends.”

Levy’s peculiar mix of ruthlessness and geniality sets him apart. He is a man of contradictions, often leaving people struggling to decode his character​.

With a reputation as a fiercely competitive and unapologetically single-minded businessman, Levy refuses to bend for anyone. Yet, those who have worked with him attest to the multiple layers of his personality. He’s been described as warm, charming, and convivial, someone who likes to maintain a friendly rapport with the manager. Yet, even this warmth does not seem to shield managers from eventual dismissal​.

The Transfers Tussle

One of the recurring complaints about Levy is his approach to the transfer market. A prime example of this was in the case of Juande Ramos, the last Spurs manager to win some silverware. Ramos wanted to replace departing stars Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane with Samuel Eto’o and David Villa. Levy, however, had other ideas, signing Roman Pavlyuchenko and asking Ramos to put his trust in Darren Bent. This disagreement marked the beginning of the end for Ramos at Spurs​.

Management Carousel at Tottenham

Since ENIC’s takeover of Tottenham in 2001, the club has seen 13 permanent managers, with Levy at the helm. Astonishingly, only four of these managers have lasted beyond 18 months, casting a shadow on Levy’s long-term planning abilities. Redknapp, one of the few managers to last beyond the 18-month mark, acknowledges this shortcoming, describing Levy as a “short-term planner”.

Despite the abrupt end to his tenure, Redknapp speaks warmly about his time at Spurs and his experiences working for Levy. Redknapp asserts, “He’s fine and we got on well. I had no problems with Daniel. He never interfered.”​

The Levy Lesson for Postecoglou

As the new manager of Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou should take note. Levy is a complex character, both genial and ruthless, with a peculiar approach to business and football management. Navigating the transfer market under Levy’s watch will be a challenge, as will be decoding the Spurs chairman’s personality. Will Postecoglou succeed where others have failed? Only time will tell​.

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