🗳 The strangest votes for the 2019 Ballon d'Or


Lewis Ambrose

Article image: 🗳 The strangest votes for the 2019 Ballon d'Or

As ever, the Ballon d’Or voting has thrown up some surprises.

Lionel Messi claimed the award for a record sixth time on Monday night.

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Thanks to Sport Witness, though, we’ve had the chance to peruse the votes and we’ve found a few, well, questionable decisions.


We have a Liverpool fan voting on behalf of Cameroon!

  1. Van Dijk
  2. Salah
  3. Mané
  4. Alisson
  5. Alexander-Arnold


And another Red. No place for Messi in their top five.

  1. Alisson
  2. Van Dijk
  3. De Jong
  4. Firmino
  5. Salah


And in second place, it’s … wait, seriously?

  1.  Messi
  2. Mahrez
  3. Van Dijk
  4. Mané
  5. Mbappé


Alisson in second, Tadic in fourth, Mahrez in fifth. And no place for Virgil van Dijk? Come on, Serbia. Be better than this.

  1. Messi
  2. Alisson
  3. Lewandowski
  4. Tadic
  5. Mahrez

Sri Lanka

And the award for wildest selection of the year goes to Sri Lanka. Seriously, we think these must have been plucked out of a hat.

  1. Alexander-Arnold
  2. Aubameyang
  3. Griezmann
  4. Lewandowski
  5. Ter Stegen


Someone is seriously going to have to explain to us how anyone voted for Hugo Lloris, a goalkeeper with eight clean sheets for his club in 2019.

  1. Van Dijk
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. Lloris
  4. Messi
  5. Mané