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The OneFootball Premier League Alternative Awards 🏆

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Alex Mott

Golden Boot? Nonsense. Golden Gloves? Absolutely not. PFA Player of the Season? There’s the door.

Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for, our OneFootball Premier League Alternative Awards.

The Pure Box Office Award

The 2021/22 season will be remembered for many things – but surely the main one that will be etched into our brains will be The Last Dance of referee Mike Dean.

Simply box office.

The Unexpected Assist of the Season Award

Roy Hodgson, older than Prince Charles, registering the single greatest assist we’ve seen all season.

If only they’d registered him to play.

The Beautiful Boy Award

He may have struggled to adapt to life at Manchester City but on the day that Jack Grealish got his hands on a Premier League winners’ medal, he was also named as Gucci’s new brand ambassador.

And that’s the real quiz.

The Peak Everton Award

Even for Everton, 2021/22 was a pretty remarkable campaign.

But it reached peak Evertonness on March 17 as a protestor for ‘Just Stop Oil’ tied himself to the goalpost in the second half of their match with Newcastle.

The Ultimate Humiliation Award

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign at Manchester United looked done and dusted on October 24 as his side were thumped 5-0 by a Liverpool side that were on one.

It really could have been a cricket score in the end with Paul Pogba adding to the ignominy by getting sent off on the hour mark.

In a season of lows for United, this was the nadir.

The Forgotten Brilliance Award

It hasn’t appeared on any Goal of the Season list or montages but Manuel Lanzini’s strike against Crystal Palace was one of the best technical finishes you’re likely to see.

The Zidane for a Moment Award

It’s fair to say that Josh Sargent’s move to Norwich this season wasn’t exactly an unqualified success.

He did though, turn into Zinedine Zidane for one brief moment – netting a scorpion kick in their win over Watford.

The Lazarus Award

Tottenham getting into the Champions League next season is pretty astonishing.

And even more so when you remember just how deep in the doldrums they were around November time.

Eighth in the league and, drawing 0-0 with Leeds, having gone six straight halves without a shot on target.

The Welcome Back Award

It was nearly a year in the making but in October Raúl Jiménez scored his first goal after suffering a skull fracture against Arsenal in 2020.

A fantastic moment from one of the Premier League’s most underrated strikers.

The Pearly King Award

Mark Noble got a proper East End send-off for his final game against Manchester City in May.

But back in September the West Ham legend provided this season’s most iconic heat map.

The Droning On Award

Brentford was the scene of the most heart-rendering moment of the campaign when Christian Eriksen returned following his heart attack at the Euros.

But it was also host to probably the most bizarre moment of the campaign when their game with Wolves was halted for nearly half hour when a drone hovered over the pitch.