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·29 September 2022

The new Gem for Chivas that everyone's talking about

Article image:The new Gem for Chivas that everyone's talking about

Throughout its history, Chivas has been known for being the most Mexican of teams, so together with Puma, it has launched a special edition jersey in green, inspired precisely by the patriotic symbols, which will be worn with great pride by El Rebaño Sagrado.

The truth, the truth is that it is beautiful and we can't wait to see our team play with it.

When and where was it released:

The new Guadalajara jersey was unveiled this Thursday at the inauguration of the Puma Store in Plaza La Perla.

By the way, it's worth noting the fashion in which the store's doors were opened, gave the waiting customers a view of several members of the red and white squad sporting the green jersey.

For all the chivahermanos who came to buy their jersey there were some props, Vega, 'Piojo', 'Wacho' and Zaldívar hosted an autograph signing inside the store. In addition, there were several elements of the Rebaño that did not miss the opportunity to show their love for the new jersey, as mentioned by 'Cone' Brizuela.

To conclude the event, our CM had the task of interviewing some fans who bought the green Chivas jersey and without a doubt, their feelings were very positive.

Remember that if you also want your special edition Guadalajara jersey, you can go to Puma stores or get it online at the official Chivas store by clicking here.

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