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The Great Debate: What is the biggest game in football?

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Lewis Ambrose

The two most successful clubs in English football will meet each other on Sunday.

Heading into the weekend, Manchester United and Liverpool are the top two in the Premier League.

And their historic rivalry has us wondering, what is the biggest game in football?

Lewis Ambrose

International football can bore us all. The friendlies, the qualifiers. But even those matches are exciting when Argentina meet Brazil.

The two giants of football in South America, the game’s spiritual home, the nations may not be the best on the planet right now but their rivalry still usurps all.

The two sides haven’t played at a World Cup since 1990 but even in recent years we’ve had THAT Kaká goal in London and Messi’s hat-trick in New Jersey. It’s time to see them meet on the biggest stage again.

Dan Burke

It’s far from the fiercest rivalry in the world, but I think the biggest game in football at the moment is actually Liverpool v Manchester City.

They’re two of the best teams in Europe (on paper at least) and there aren’t many other examples of two high quality teams regularly locking horns domestically.

El Clásico isn’t what it was, the Milan derby hasn’t been a thing for a while and Germany’s Klassiker is a bit too one-sided.

The rivalry between Liverpool and City might not be very traditional, but you only have to spend some time on Twitter to see that it’s ramping up all the time.

And it’s a fixture that almost always delivers entertainment, unlike Manchester United vs Liverpool, which often tends to disappoint.

Phil Costa

It’s the Superclásico and nobody can change my mind. Boca Juniors taking on River Plate in Argentina.

There are some brilliant rivalries in football, but nobody in football hates each other quite like these two.

Stunning goals, fights breaking out, challenges flying in, incredible stadium scenes – everything you want from South American football.

Matt Frohlich

Despite the fact both Barcelona and Real Madrid are a shadow of themselves this season and struggling somewhat, I’d still have to say El Clásico.

It always seems to be a match which affects not only the LaLiga standings, but so much more outside of that.

The result will be headline news for millions around the world, the goalscorers are immortalised forever, an embarrassing loss could spell the end of a managers reign and of course, it has been the stage for the majority of the world’s best talent in the last 20 years or so.

Joel Sanderson-Murray

There is perhaps a bit of recency bias playing a role here but I still think Liverpool v Manchester United is the one.

The two biggest clubs in English football and the county’s most successful on the European stage. There may have been some stinkers in recent years but this is the one that everyone looks out for.

Both sets of supporters are obsessed with each other, both clubs are vying to one up each other at any opportunity, and now it seems we are being treated a title race between the pair.

Pádraig Whelan

We all know that the real answer to this is the Glasgow derby so I’m going to move the goalposts slightly.

When I first heard the question, the Champions League final is what instantly popped into my head.

It may be a slight cop out given we don’t ever know who will contest it but that fixture excites me every year regardless of who is in it.