🎥 The Great Debate: What is the best goal of the decade? ☄️


Lewis Ambrose

Article image: 🎥 The Great Debate: What is the best goal of the decade? ☄️

It’s a simple one this week!

What is the best goal you’ve seen scored between 1 January 2010 and today?

Lewis Ambrose

Personally, I think there are a few different things to take into account. The importance, brilliance, and uniqueness of the goal all matter.

So I’ve gone for Lionel Messi against Athletic Club in the 2015 Copa del Rey final.

The close control, the number of players beaten, getting a shot away from an unlikely position and an incredible snapshot finish. I’ve not seen better.

Dan Burke

Recency bias probably isn’t the only bias I’m showing here, but I’m gonna go for Big Vinnie Kompany’s goal for Manchester City against Leicester last season.

Not only was it a stunning strike, but it came just when City needed their captain to step up most, and would prove to be the perfect, fairytale finale to the Belgian’s decade at the club.

Goals like that aren’t uncommon, but very few of them mean nearly as much as this one did.

Phil Costa

My Arsenal bias is showing here, but this beautifully crafted team goal against Norwich deserves the title.

Five one-touch passes, played at pace, all perfectly into the path of the receiving player, topped off with a volleyed, weak foot finish?

Beautiful. I watched this goal live and it really never gets old.

Matt Frohlich

Im going for a goal that was just pure beauty in itself, regardless of the competition, the game or the importance of it.

In fact, Samuel Umtiti’s goal against Spurs back in 2013 was just a consolation in a Europa League tie, but that doesn’t take away from the fact the technique on this half-volley is absolutely outrageous!

Brad Freidel being rooted to the spot and admiring the flight of the ball just makes it look even better.

Alex Mott

A Champions League semi-final against your eternal enemies in a febrile atmosphere that ended with your assistant manager getting his eye gauged by the opposition coach?

Easy mate.

Padraig Whelan

If we’re using Lewis’ previously mentioned ‘importance, brilliance and uniqueness’ scale, it must go to Zlatan for me.

He’s had more than a few contenders for the crown throughout the decade but that overhead kick against England tops the lot.

The big Swede silenced all of his critics with a goal that very few others could even dream of pulling off. This might even be the best ever!