🎥 The four best goals of 2020 🤯

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Phil Costa

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In a year that has simultaneously dragged on and flown by – 2020 is finally coming to an end.

But football continued across the world despite a brief hiatus and that means goals were scored.

Excluding Puskás Award winner Heung-min Son, we’re crowning the top four goals (in no particular order) of the last calendar year.

Valentino Lazaro (Borussia M’gladbach)

This goal wasn’t even nominated for the 2020 Puskás Award and we just want to know why.

Hitting an absurd, first-time scorpion kick from an angled cross, straight into the top corner? Top marks for Valentino Lazaro.

Jordan Flores (Dundalk)

Blink and you’ll miss it. Jordan Flores is known for his screamers but this volley takes the cake.

Absolutely absurd technique to strike this first time – to make the connection he does – before firing it straight top bins.

Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona)

Antoine Griezmann has struggled at Barcelona but this delicate lob was a reminder of his quality.

Lionel Messi does brilliantly to take three defenders away, but the power, loft and accuracy of the strike was poetry.

Irvin Cardona (Brest)

Is this Irvin Cardona or Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Meets the cross with a flying volley and somehow finds extra hang time to smash it into the near post. Unbelievable athleticism.