The football world reacts to losing icon Diego Maradona

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Phil Costa

Article image:  The football world reacts to losing icon Diego Maradona

Argentina legend and footballing icon, Diego Maradona, has died aged 60.

The World Cup winner and former Napoli great passed away at home after suffering a cardiac arrest.

His legacy will live on for years to come, with many clubs and players paying tribute to Dieguito on social media.

Despite several news outlets reporting the news, Argentina officially confirmed his passing with an eloquent tweet:

Goodbye, Diego. You are eternal in every heart of the football planet.

Former clubs Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli were also quick to commemorate their hero, where he made such an incredible impact both on and off the pitch.

Pel矇 arguably his main rival in the greatest player ever debate has also mourned his passing.

One day, I hope we can play football together in the sky, he wrote on Twitter.

Why bother training hard when youre the best player on every pitch?

England fans, look away now.

Welcome to one of the most iconic photographs in football, which was famously later titled The Hand of God.

Cristiano Ronaldo has also offered his respect and condolences.

One of the best ever. An unparalleled magician, he writes on Twitter.

Despite not being old enough to watch him play, young stars Kylian Mbapp矇 and Marcus Rashford have paid tribute to the great man.

To truly understand his influence, Argentina president Alberto Fern獺ndez has declared three days of national mourning for the World Cup winner.

Despite never playing in the Premier League, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City were quick to send their condolences.

A bad workman blames his tools, goes the saying.

Maradona could work his magic in even the worst conditions.

Belgium paid tribute to Maradona with this iconic photograph taken against them. Even six defenders couldnt stop him.

River Plate are fierce rivals with Boca Juniors but respect and compassion can clearly be seen here in this touching tribute.

In his last public interview, Maradona told France Football:

I am happy to have brought joy to people with a ball. That is my biggest source of pride.

And bring joy he did.

If you dont know how good Diego was, look at this statistical breakdown from the 1986 World Cup.

We send our deepest condolences to friends, family and those Maradona held closest.

His legacy will live on in the hearts of football fans.