The 7️⃣ players who have reached remarkable milestone across Europe

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Phil Costa

Article image: The 7️⃣ players who have reached remarkable milestone across Europe

Finding reliable goalscorers is arguably the most difficult thing in football.

But finding reliable goalscorers who can create just as much? Now you’re looking for unicorns.

Here are the seven players to reach 10+ league goals and assists this season …

Lionel Messi

  • Goals: 22
  • Assists: 20

What else can we say about Messi? Still producing ridiculous output into his 30s – will it ever change?

Jadon Sancho

  • Goals: 17
  • Assists: 16

Even in the financially stunned COVID-19 world, you can see why Dortmund want so much for Sancho.

Kevin de Bruyne

  • Goals: 11
  • Assists: 18

With three games to go, all eyes are on De Bruyne and that Premier League assist record.

Serge Gnabry

  • Goals: 12
  • Assists: 10

That sound you can hear is Arsenal fans crying into their lunches. Gnabry and Sané could be frightening next season.

Alassane Pléa

  • Goals: 10
  • Assists: 10

A seriously underrated performer. Pléa deserves credit for his consistency under new manager Marco Rose.

Son Heung-min

  • Goals: 10
  • Assists: 10

Despite the turbulent season at Spurs, Son has directly contributed to 38% of their league goals.

Mikel Oyarzabal

  • Goals: 10
  • Assists: 10

Another surprise contender, but Oyarzabal won’t be at Real Sociedad for long if he keeps this up.