🎙️ Teenage kicks, Panenka pain and goodbye Fulham and West Brom

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Dan Burke

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On this episode of the Premier League Weekend Review Podcast, Dan Burke is joined by Lewis Ambrose and Alex Mott.

The relegation battle is over but the title race is hanging by a thread and the fight for top four is getting tasty.

On the agenda this week are such topics as …

  • Should Manchester City’s title come with an asterisk this season?
  • Why do players mess around with Panenka penalties?
  • Is it time to officially apologise to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?
  • Does Mikel Arteta deserve a chance to turn things around at Arsenal?
  • Should Tottenham go for Marcelo Bielsa as their next manager?
  • Can we expect better from Liverpool’s Thiago next season?
  • How can Everton improve their home form?
  • Did we not cut Steve Bruce enough slack during Newcastle’s injury crisis?
  • Are Wolves actually a bright, young team in the making?
  • What next for Fulham and West Brom?

And much, much more.

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