Super League agreement in tatters as one club ‘seriously considering’ pulling out – report

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The proposed European ‘Super League‘ is reportedly facing its first major hurdle as one club is said to be already ‘seriously considering’ pulling out.

That’s according to Politico UK editor Alex Wickham, who claims the unnamed outfit are furious with Liverpool and Manchester United for ‘lying and making mistakes’.

It’s unclear which club is now having cold feet, but it’s reportedly one of the other four involved sides: Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur.

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With any luck, even if Liverpool (or FSG, rather) are thrown under the bus, this fresh report is accurate and the European ‘Super League‘ madness can end.

While the breakaway tournament would likely see the Reds pick up a significant financial boost, as would be the case with all other members, they’d have to sell their souls first to get onto that lucrative pedestal.

What makes football so appealing is that anyone can reach the very top of the game, but this new ‘Super League’ proposes a level occupied by the mega-rich that will be unattainable to the majority – and we at Empire of the Kop stand with fans against the proposal.