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Steven Gerrard’s story of explicit Liverpool injury in 2014 FA Cup game

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Steven Gerrard never did things by halves.

The Liverpool legend gave absolutely everything he could give whenever he took to the pitch in the famous Liverpool red.

Be it in defence or going forward, the born-and-bred Scouser could always be relied upon to put in an almighty shift to help his beloved Liverpool win football matches.

However, that approach didn’t always serve him well.

During a particularly unsavoury FA Cup game against Bournemouth, Gerrard, lunging for one of his typical hell-for-leather slide tackles, did himself a rather uncomfortable disservice.

Caught up in the adrenaline of the moment, Gerrard didn’t even notice what had happened but, as he mentioned in his autobiography, he soon became aware that he was in a spot of bother.

“The magic of the FA Cup was bloodied on the day my penis was cut and then stitched shut,” Gerrard said.

“The only surprise that Saturday, was an eye-watering laceration to my private parts.

“I pulled my shorts a couple of inches away from my waist and managed a sneaky check. My underpants were bloodied. My mind was racing, I was concerned that something serious had happened.

“I discreetly pulled back my underpants as well as my shorts for a longer look. I ran over to the touchline, straight to Brendan [Rodgers]. I also called over to Chris Morgan and Andy Massey.

“I said to Brendan, ‘Look, I’ve got a problem here…’ I nodded down to my privates. ‘There’s a big gash … it’s bleeding,’ I said.

“Chris acted quickly. He called a few of the backroom team over and they formed a little huddle so no one else could see what we were doing as I opened up my shorts.

You can see the moment it happened at the 12-minute mark in the video below:

“Brendan peered down, grimaced and shook his head.”

Well there you are. Gerrard later went on to describe the running repairs that were undertaken in the dressing room having chosen to play on through the pain.

“I got a jab first and then, careful not to look at what he was doing, I could tell he wasn’t feeling too comfortable about it either.

“Doc Massey must have wished that he could have stayed at home treating the Academy kids’ cuts and bruises.

“I didn’t talk much, though. I wanted him fully concentrated.

“He did a good job. I felt no pain as he put in the stitches – four as he had predicted – and I walked back into the dressing room.”

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