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·24 May 2023

Social media influencer admits stalking Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell & Billy Gilmour

Article image:Social media influencer admits stalking Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell & Billy Gilmour

A social media influencer has admitted to stalking and harassing Mason Mount, Billy Gilmour and Ben Chilwell.

Per Sky News, Orla Sloan appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court and pleaded guilty to causing 'serious alarm or distress' by stalking Gilmour between 10 September and 28 October.

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She also admitted stalking Mount between 19 June and 28 October last year, as well as causing harassment to Chilwell between 20 October and 29 October 2022.


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Orla Sloan, 21, met the trio at a house party at Chilwell's address in November 2020.

Following the party, Mount and Sloan slept together and were in a relationship for around six months before he decided that the relationship wasn't going to progress anymore.

Mount then faced a bombardment of messages' from Sloan and set up 21 different phone numbers in an attempt to get in contact.

Prosecutor Jason Seetal said, per the Mirror: "Upon informing Miss Sloan of this he has been subjected to a bombardment of messages. He began asking her to stop messaging him before blocking the number.

"He then began to receive messages from new numbers and each time he would block those numbers there would be messages from a different number."

Per the Evening Standard, on one occasion, Sloan sent the Chelsea midfielder a picture of herself buying a new phone number along with the caption: “I’m not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers – I will be faster than you”.

Sloan created an Instagram account with the handle devilbaby_10. On the account, Sloan dubbed Mount a 'criminal', posted collages of him with other women and attempted to contact his colleagues, friends and family.

Mount said in a statement that he was worried that Sloan would turn up at his training centre unannounced.

Sloan also posted collages of Chilwell while attempting to make contact with him, and made a claim online about his sexuality, per the Standard.

The social media influencer also harassed Gilmour and claimed that she was pregnant with his child, despite the two never having sexual relations.

Gilmour said that Sloan's actions affected his performances on the pitch and said he had trouble sleeping.

The Brighton midfielder said in a statement: “I was not able to sleep and had to take sleeping tablets on occasions.

“It had a knock-on effect on my performance and professional life. For a period of time I was consistently receiving notifications of messages from Orla, or contacted by people she was harassing.

“I was worried not only for myself but also those targeted by Orla.”

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