Six recent examples of Arsenal’s ongoing foolish mismanagement

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Article image: Six recent examples of Arsenal’s ongoing foolish mismanagement

The continuation of the mismanagement at Arsenal by Beast mode.

FYI – This Article is NOT pro or against Wenger or Gazidis

When Gazidis left over two years ago, we all thought that the mismanagement we had at the club would be a thing of the past. However, as it stands it’s more of the same with different players at the helm. We have seen several bad decisions made that borders foolishness, if not craziness. Here are the memorable ones:

WillianThe 32 year old was signed for free to a 3 year contract. He came to Arsenal because his former club refused to give him the contract he got from the Gunners. Chelsea knew about Willian more than anyone, and refused to budge to his demand, but our smart management decided to sign him to a 3 freaking-year-long contract. Who gives that kind of contract to an aging 32 year old not named Ronaldo? Willian is a pensioner in footballing terms and he is not at the age that he needs to prove something. He has no motivation to be better than what he is now.

Ceballos, Mari and Soares – Normally loan players are used for stop gaps, and get re-evaluated at the end of the season. Whether to sign them again is mostly dependent on how their initial loan went. In the case of these three players, none of them proved that they are what is needed at Arsenal. Ceballos had more bad games than good. Mari and Soares never even had a chance to show us what they got, but were rewarded with new contracts. How will this motivate players to perform at a higher standard when they are rewarded for absolutely nothing?

Ozil and Sokratis – Why are these two still at Arsenal drawing higher wages without stepping foot on the playing field? If they are not being used, why didn’t the management make every effort to get something out of the situation? Maybe a loan-out where they pay a higher portion of the wage so that at least they can save something. It doesn’t make any sense to throw away 450K pound every week particularly for a club that is as frugal as Arsenal. Why will other players put in more effort when they can be on the sidelines and still earn all the dimes stipulated in their contract?

Center backs – Why the hell do Arsenal have eight (8) senior backs in the book? Most teams need about five CB’s at most, and fill the rest with the academy players. They have collected a bunch of highly paid useless CB’s that they can’t get rid of. Why sign Luiz and Mari when they already have six CB?

Lack of Creativity – We all knew that the team lacks creativity and it has been ongoing even during Emery’s time. They have tried to address this situation but with subpar players like Ceballos. Instead of going for the real deal, they went out in the most Arsenal way to get an aging player that is past his prime. Now, the team is dysfunctional and bereft of any creative ideas. Why leave it too late to get a creative midfielder if they already plan to go into the season without Ozil?

Ozil and Guendouzi saga – it doesn’t matter whether you are pro or against Ozil, but the way the club handled the situation was very poor and distasteful. It was handled wrong and shows bad faith from the club. This situation reminds me of the AVB saga with Nicolas Anelka at Chelsea, and we all know how that turned out for AVB. This club is bigger than this, and I believe it would have been handled differently with someone like Wenger at the helm. we need people who put the club ahead of their egos and not stoop to the level of amateurs.

Can you think of any more examples of Arsenal’s mismanagement?