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Should Arteta have been considering dropping Saka recently? (Opinion)

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I’ve heard some questioning whether Bukayo Saka should maybe be rested/dropped to the Arsenal bench, but I simply can’t agree. Guest post by Sarah Rohan

Bayako Saka has without a doubt risen to stardom coming through the academy, where he has now cemented his place in the first team line up on a weekly basis.

So what is so special about Saka? He is versatile, as we know he can play in different positions, right and left. We know him as a midfielder and a winger but has also taken over the left back/left wing-back role when called upon. We are lucky we have a player capable of adapting himself well but his attacking and creativity was being wasted in a defensive role and he has now accomplished himself in a role further forwards. I’m sure if called upon he would work for the team and take up the role of LB again though.

His running and dribbling with the ball can leave players scrambling to catch him as he leaves them for dust, which is no doubt why he always gets fouled. His speed and execution shows how dangerous he can be in the final third and his ability to create space and exploit it, along with linking up with players, shows us what a bright spark we have. I wish he would do more crosses into the box though as it’s one of his strengths, but we are in short supply so far this season.

He’s already racked up a couple of goals and assists since the start of the season but there’s still a long way to go and surely these will go into double figures by end of season. Remembering the young Londoner is only 20, he has already gained Arsenal’s Player of the 2020/2021 season and accumulated player of the month on three consecutive months last term.

So all this positivity about him, why do people still have doubts? Why do people still not rate him? My only doubt is, and I dont know whether it’s down to the way the team is set out to play, and how other teams set themselves up to play against us; but when he doesn’t run with the ball the shuffling between left and right foot doesn’t work. The short passing becomes lost.

I think this hinders him as he becomes predictable in his play and loses the ball a lot. Whether that is down to the slow play that keeps creeping into our game (which is annoying on it’s own) or not I do not know. It seems to cause him problems putting the ball in the box.

This is probably where his lack of crosses comes in too; where his team mates are waiting for the ball and they’re not getting the service. When the team are fast and flowing together he can do wonders and it catches the opponents out, and he can bring the team into play getting those creative crosses in also.

This young Man lifted us along with a few others when we were having a bad run. He didn’t let his head drop and carried on. He’s also impressed enough to get regular games in the England team. I think he deserves some praise for what he has achieved at such a young age with a not very good Arsenal team at times. He’s still learning but his future is bright and hopefully a long one with the Arsenal family.

I’ve heard some claim he should be dropped of late because of some slightly below-par performances, but I simply can’t agree. I just hope he is 100% ready to take on Manchester United on Thursday after his injury scare.

Until next time Gooner family.

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