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·24 September 2022

Sharpe: Wilkinson gave me great pep talk - then week later Leeds sacked him!

Article image:Sharpe: Wilkinson gave me great pep talk - then week later Leeds sacked him!

Lee Sharpe has recalled life with Manchester United and Leeds United.

Speaking on the 'Quickly Kevin; will he score? The 90s Football Show' podcast, Sharpe spoke about his mistreatment under Sir Alex and their relationship before his move to Leeds.

"I just felt I'd had enough of Fergie [Sir Alex Ferguson], the way he was treating me and I was still in and out of the team. I couldn't figure out why I was playing bad one week and really good the next and I wasn't getting any help from him.

"So I left, thought I needed 'pastures new' and if someone was gonna buy me for a few quid, maybe they'll be on my side a bit more.

"I saw him a couple of years ago at the Manchester United Golf Day and he briefly said 'hello' as he was walking past, like he didn't want to look at me."

Sharpe then went on to reveal a hilarious story about his short time under Wilkinson and then how playing under George Graham was like.

"Because I'd seen big money players come to United and be treated differently to how the other lads who had come through the ranks were treated, I knew football could be a bit like that.

"So when I went to Leeds under Howard, to be fair to him, he'd had a poor season the year before and was trying to change things and I think he was there a month when I got there before he got the sack.

"After about three weeks, he came up to me and said: 'Listen son, I know I've paid a lot of money for you - I knew you were good but I didn't know you were this good. Get yourself fit, that left-hand side of the pitch is yours, go out there, score some goals and enjoy your football. I'm really glad you're here.'

"I remember standing there, shook my hands and thought 'Oh my God, it's like I'm in heaven.' The next week, we went to Manchester United, lost 4-0 and he got the sack!

"When George [Graham] came in, I thought him and Ferguson were going to be very similar. I thought if I just towed the line, cover the ground and play well, there's not a lot he can say to me.

"And he came in and played really defensive. Everything in training was defensive, we played defensive in games and as an offensive winger, it was really tough. As good as we became defensively, we didn't have a chance going forward so that first season was quite dour."

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