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Sergio Aguero talks joining Barcelona, Messi, Champions League

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Sergio Aguero to El Pais in an interview and covered topics ranging from his arrival at Barcelona to Lionel Messi’s departure. It was the Argentine’s first interview since his return to fitness.

The striker faced an early setback during his Barcelona career after he was injured before playing a minute. However, his recovery is on track. All signs point to his return at Mestalla against Valencia.

At first, Aguero spoke about his decision to join the Catalan side and how the salary was never a factor.

“When Barça called me, I said I don’t care how much they will pay, I feel great and I can help the team.”

As has been routine with every signing Barcelona has made this season, he was asked if he regretted his decision to join them given the club’s financial and sporting limps. He was clear in his stance and said, “Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to play in Barcelona?”

The forward was expected to line up alongside his childhood friend Lionel Messi at Barcelona. However, just weeks after his arrival, the board announced the captain’s shocking departure. Aguero was asked to comment on his reaction to the move that surprised the world, to which he said,

“Messi’s departure was a shocking moment, and he was in a bad condition. I couldn’t believe the news when I saw him.”

Finally, the former Manchester City striker spoke about his dream to play a UEFA Champions League final. He said he had won many titles in his career but never had the opportunity to win the final of the UCL.

“I played special seasons, scored many goals, and won many championships, but I never played in the [UEFA] Champions Final. When we participated in the previous edition, I had a knee injury.”

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