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Santos filed a complaint against Chivas for improper alignment

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Blaise Bourgeois

Santos Laguna filed a complaint with Liga MX after Chivas played with 12 players on the pitch during the duel between the two sides.

However, the rojiblancos leadership is remaining calm as the situation occurred due to an error from the referees and the team reportedly did not do this on purpose.

In the 82nd minute, Chivas manager Marcelo Míchel Leaño sent Antonio Briseño, Alan Torres, and César Huerta onto the pitch.

However, Huerta entered the match without Roberto Alvarado leaving, which left Chivas playing temporarily with 12 men.

Once Santos realised this, the coaching staff protested immediately, leading referee Víctor Alfonso Cáceres to analyse the play.

When Cáceres verified the mistake, he sent Huerta off the pitch to enter again and told him showed him a yellow card in the 85th minute.

The complaint will likely lead to a simple warning or nothing at all as it’s clear that the situation took place due to a lack of communication between the fourth official and the match official.

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