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·22 January 2021

Sane on Guardiola: “He raised me to a completely new level”

Article image:Sane on Guardiola: “He raised me to a completely new level”

The former Manchester City winger says his former boss coached him relentlessly, to the extent where he can still hear his instructions.

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Bayern Munich winger Leroy Sane has said his former boss Pep Guardiola worked with him tirelessly when he was the boss of Manchester City, so much so, that he still hears him barking instructions in his ear. There were numerous reports at the time, that Sane and Guardiola did not get along, however, Sane states that they were fine and reveals that he was staying in the same building as his boss and several City players.

Sane spoke to Der Spiegel:

“Pep and I had a good relationship,”

“I saw Pep’s family in the building more often than Pep himself,” Sane said. “He wasn’t standing at the window waiting for us to come home in the evening to check on us! I thought it was great to live so close to my colleagues. It was a good neighbourhood.

“He raised me to a completely new level. Mainly by working on little things: with which foot do I take the ball in which situation and how? What is the best action to open the space?

“Other coaches tell you that too, but he really did it every day until I did at some point have a little man in my ear with his voice that told me what to do when and how.”

Sane was asked to name what exactly was so special about his former boss.

“He’ll find something new to work on with you tirelessly. If I hadn’t moved to Manchester, I probably wouldn’t have reached that level.”

Over the summer, the winger finally got his move to the European champions however his start with the German giants did not go as planned. On the opening day of the season, Bayern thumped Schalke 8-0 and Sane grabbed a goal, along with two assists, but after that, his form has been a roller coaster.

The low point was when Sane was taken off after just 36 minutes against Leverkusen after he was a substitute himself.

When I saw my number on the substitution board, I knew there would be discussions about me,” Sane admitted. “When someone like Thomas Muller stands up for you so strongly in front of the TV cameras, this shows you that the team accepts you.

“I know that the club is behind me, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought me. But I’m working very hard to get there.”

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