Saka and Smith-Rowe need to be ready to handle a lot of pressure this season

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Saka and Smith-Rowe may need to better prepare themselves for the new season! by Shenel

Would it be wrong of us Arsenal fans to expect a lot more from the likes of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith-Rowe in the upcoming new season?

Well if they want to be an important and integral part of team then they have to take the good and the bad.

Like  all players they will have to perform every season – week in week out – at the highest level possible and if they fail they will have to prepare to come under fire by fans who only want the best for their team. Because it is not all plain sailing as we have seen.

Smith-Rowe had a nice summer break after a season amidst a pandemic where he became a new member of the Arsenal team, whereas Saka headed to the Euro 2020 tournament and played a big part in getting the England team to the fina. Unfortunately for him his deciding penalty miss cost the team the European Championship trophy in a loss to the Italians ,and although he is yet to join up with the team for pre season it will be interesting to see how he takes this setback into this season.

Saka had never been under the sort of pressure and expectation that he was under at the Euros, although at Arsenal it could be said he carried the team at times and managed to perform, albeit not at his highest levels, week in week out, in a season that saw Arsenal drop to their lowest point ever.

After both players exploded onto the scene at the ages of just 19 and 21 and knowing how much fans put the pressure on players in general, I think the boys will now need to prepare themselves for a lot more high expectations than what was apparent when they first appeared in the first team,  as we now know what they are capable of.

One season is not enough to judge these two although they were expected to perform each time they stepped out given that some senior members failed to do so and the same pattern will continue this season too no doubt at times.

I hope Smith-Rowe and Saka do not feel as though they have to grow up quicker than what they deserve but I do hope they can continue to showcase their talent and take it to the next level to really prove Arteta and Arsenal were right to give them the chance.

If they get through the next season having performed well as key players yet again, but this time lead Arsenal to a Champions League spot and a couple of trophies, then by the end of it it will be safe to say they will be on the road to becoming a member of the “talented player” category.

And then and only then will their level of expectations each season become apparent for fans to see.

Shenel Osman

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