Roy Keane leading Man Utd team out vs Wolves without ref’s permission is gold

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In terms of the greatest captains of the Premier League era, Roy Keane still sits in pole position, 16 years after leaving Manchester United.

The Irishman was an unbelievable leader for the Red Devils. He effectively did Sir Alex Ferguson’s job for him on the pitch.

If any of his teammates weren’t giving maximum effort - whether that was in a match (competitive or friendly, it didn’t mater) or even during a training session - Keane would come down on them like a tonne of bricks.

Aside from being a demanding but inspirational character inside the dressing room, Keane was also a world-class midfielder.

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Often underrated, especially those who weren’t old enough to watch him play week-in, week-out (presumably because he didn’t score or assist lots of goals), the former Ireland international was a superb box-to-box footballer with a remarkable engine, an exceptional ability to read the game and wonderful passing ability, too.

But it’s his winning mentality and fiery personality that United fans miss most.

He was a big part of the reason why Ferguson’s teams of the 1990s and early 2000s were so feared.

We all remember in the Highbury tunnel back in February 2005.

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Classic Roy Keane incident before Wolves vs Man Utd

But now another funny incident involving Keane in an opposing team’s tunnel has emerged.

Ahead of a Premier League clash against Wolves away at Molineux in 2004, Keane turned around to his United teammates and led them out onto the pitch seemingly without the referee’s permission.

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The assistant referee appeared to ask Keane where he was going before Tim Howard, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Paul Scholes and the rest of the United XI followed Keane’s lead.

Everyone else inside the tunnel looked bemused as the referee stood by and watched.

Wolves captain Paul Ince, formerly of Man Utd, then attempted to lead his team out onto the pitch but was prevented from doing so.

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You can watch the funny clip here…

Keane and Ferguson's relationship eventually fell apart

Keane’s United career was abruptly cut short in November 2005 following a fall-out with Ferguson. The relationship between the two men remains hostile even now, which is a massive shame.

Perhaps it was inevitable, though. These two huge forces of nature were always on course to clash eventually.

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But United fans will forever remember the period in which Ferguson and Keane transformed Man Utd into a trophy-winning machine with great fondness.

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