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Ronaldo or Messi, Maradona or Pele: Aubameyang answers sport's biggest questions

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Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang has been linked with a move back to the Premier League this summer.

The Barcelona forward is reportedly a target for Chelsea in what has been a pretty crazy window for both the Camp Nou club and the west Londoners.

Whether the Gabon striker will remain in Spain or return to England remains to be seen.

It’s not Aubameyang’s future that is making headline news at the moment. With the release of Arsenal’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary, .

But despite all of that, Aubameyang found time to take part in ESPN’s ‘You Have To Answer’ challenge.

The challenge features a series of questions being posed with two options and, as the name suggests, you have to answer.

Aubameyang was asked a number of 50/50 questions with some being more interesting than others.

Check out the questions Auba was asked – and his answers to each one.

Aubameyang takes part in ‘You Have To Answer’ challenge

  • Cats or dogs? DOGS
  • NBA or NFL? NBA
  • Cheese or chocolate? CHOCOLATE
  • Klopp or Guardiola? KLOPP
  • Music or film? MUSIC
  • Ronaldinho or Rivaldo? RONALDINHO
  • Twitter or Instagram? INSTAGRAM
  • Black Panther or Spiderman? BLACK PANTHER
  • Nadal or Federer? NADAL
  • New shoes or new haircut? NEW HAIRCUT
  • Maradona or Pele? PELE
  • Kluivert or Eto’o? ETO’O
  • Header or volley? VOLLEY
  • Hamilton or Verstappen? HAMILTON
  • London or Barcelona? BARCELONA
  • Mbappe or Henry? HENRY
  • Goal or assist? GOAL
  • Drake or Kendrick Lemar? DRAKE
  • Beach or pool? POOL
  • Wenger or Mourinho? WENGER
  • Breakfast or dinner? BREAKFAST
  • Kane or Benzema? BENZEMA
  • Emirates or Camp Nou? CAMP NOU
  • Messi or Ronaldo? MESSI
  • Spurs or Real Madrid? REAL MADRID

VIDEO: Aubameyang answers sport’s biggest questions

Of course, the most interesting question – the eternal question – is Messi or Ronaldo. It took Aubameyang a split-second to think about it before he realised that, as a Barcelona player, he better say Messi!

However, that Barca bias didn’t come into play as chose Pele over Maradona.

He opted for Camp Nou over the Emirates and Barcelona as a city over London, though.

However, he went against the club once again as he opted for Klopp over Guardiola.

But it seems he hasn’t quite built up the El Clasico hatred for Real Madrid as he picked them over former north London rivals, Spurs.

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