Blaise Bourgeois

Roma's Lorenzo Pellegrini ends all PSG speculation

Half-way through the Serie A season, Roma are currently in sixth place, two points behind Lazio for the fourth and final Champions League qualifying place.

However, the reigning Champions League semi-finalists are deadset on another fruitful Champions League knockout stage campaign and were fortunate to draw Porto for the upcoming round-of-16.

Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini has been rumored to be headed to PSG to replace Adrien Rabiot, however, on Thursday, he dismissed those claims on Sky Sport.

“I do not think anything of it, I turn off the TV and I go to train in Trigoria.”

Pellegrini was so adamant that he was staying, he discussed the possibility of one day being captain of his hometown side.

“Already representing your city is a great honor and a great responsibility.

“It is normal that having the armband in your city is even more important than having it in another place. I always work to continue to grow with the team.”

Finally, Pellegrini dismissed the possibility that Roma could miss out on Champions League qualification.

“In spite of some difficulties we are still there and I trust my team and my teammates. It would be absurd not to get in the top four.”