Roma great Francesco Totti leaves door open to return: But too many prima donnas

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AS Roma great Francesco Totti says he'd be willing to return to the club.

The former captain has established a player management agency over the past year and is already enjoying success.

However, Totti says he'd be open to discussing a role with Roma.

He told “It hasn't happened yet but if it does, I would definitely sit down and talk about it.

"But now I have embarked on this path and I want to complete it because not doing it would be a really bad thing, with a high level working team. Leaving it would make me feel like s***.

"And if one day I get tired I'll think about something else. Before leaving Rome I would have killed myself."

Totti added: "I would have liked to be a manager, with decision-making power over the players because I think I could have given more than some other managers.

"It is no coincidence that in high-level Serie A clubs there are no ex-high level players. Unfortunately in this world there are too many prima donnas who want to appear."